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The Engh Homestead
The Engh Homestead is a 160 acre plot in northern Nevada homesteaded in 1914 by Arnt Engh. The environment is a high altitude desert which makes it difficult to grow anything but sage brush. While harsh, there is a certain beauty in the desert than can't be found anywhere else.

Planting The First Tree
In 1995 we began planting trees on the Homestead. Knowing that previous efforts to plant trees had failed, we created a three-fold system to support a cottonless cottonwood through the year. The system consisted of:

  • 2 Barrels of water slowly draining throughout the summer
  • A dish-shaped earth mound surrounding the tree to collect rainwater
  • A plastic covering over the dish to collect moisture from the air and moisture evaporating from the ground (a solar still)

The cottonwood tree has survived there for the past 12 years and is now about 18 feet tall.

Planting Multiple Trees
Since 1995 we have attempted to plant many trees and have employed a number of systems to do it. Here is a list of the trees we have planted:

  • Burr Oak
  • Multiple cottonwoods
  • Green Ash
  • Austrian Pine
  • Red Maple

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