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How can you maintain and manage your trees and plants that are planted remotely? The answer: remote watering and monitoring by EnghLabs. EnghLabs has created a product line to provide remote watering from storage.

Basic Solution
The basic system provides watering based on a schedule set up by you. The system is capable of controlling three separate subsystems, each using their own independent schedule, supplying water from different sources.

Smart Solution
Sometimes a schedule is not sensitive enough to changes in environment and weather to provide water at the needed time. The smart solution solves this by taking input from temperature and moisture sensors to determine when and how much to water.

Remote Solution
What if you want to control the timings yourself? With the remote solution, you can sit at home and initiate watering sequences from the comfort of your armchair.

Solar Solution
All current systems are battery powered but a solar powered solution will be available soon.

How can I get this product?

Our product line is still under development. If you would like to purchase a beta version or if you would like to help test our products, please contact us at:

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